Proudly introducing our Road To Race Transformations.

The team at RTR have had a very busy year creating and launching something very unique and in demand in the South African automotive industry. We are an all round vehicle enhancement, upgrade facility and service centre that gives individuals the opportunity to transform their vehicles. Have a look at some of the transformations we can offer you.

Savage Mustang
With right hand drive Mustangs now available in South Africa and the desire for unique, personalized vehicles, a local engineering team formulated a plan to fulfill the demand. A 5.0l supercharged (690hp) version of the Coyote engine; pumping out in excess of 510kw with modified suspension and upgraded brakes to match, housed within an aggressive body kit and 20″ wheels, equipped with Pirelli P Zeros. RTR proudly brings you the Savage Mustang. This is a show stopper!

road to race savage mustang

Savage 660
The most exclusive and extensive transformation offering of the Savage Ranger by Road To Race, is all of 500kw, as it boasts the identical power plant to that of the RTR Savage Mustang. Coupled to a 6 speed Tremec Magnum gearbox with upgraded Fox Racing suspension, brakes, as well as, a unique state of the art body kit which includes carbon fibre accents and alcantara interior. This is the ultimate bakkie offering currently in Southern Africa.

road to race savage 660

Savage 415
Within the Savage family is the almighty, normally aspirated option of the 5.0l V8 with the Tremec Magnum T6 gearbox. This too boasts the various other upgrades including, brakes, suspension, body kit and interior.

road to race savage 415

Savage 250
For those Road To Race devotees who would prefer to stick with the standard diesel power option, in auto or manual and 4-2 or 4-4. RTR offers an upgraded version of Ford’s 3.2, 5 cylinder turbo diesel. With the same exclusive Savage body kit and conservaticely boasting 185kw together with optional upgrades on the interior, suspension and brakes, this is likely to be the most popular upgrade.

road to race savage 250

The T-Rex version of the Ranger body is an aggressive, aesthetic upgrade offered to you by Road To Race. With flared wheels arches, raised bonnet scoop, grille and a bulky front bumper, matte black 18″ RTR wheels and tyres, your T-Rex is bound to stand out.

*Optional performance upgrades on 3.2 and 2.2 as well as optional extras on accessories.

road to race t-rex

An aesthetic upgrade to individualise your Ford Ranger. This body kit includes, wheel arches, bonnet scoop, grille, front bumper, 18″ RTR wheels and tyres.

*Optional performance upgrades on 3.2 and 2.2 as well as optional extras on accessories.

road to race RSR