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RTR Liners

The latest technology rubberizing available from Road To Race is a pure polyurea, highly versatile system that is the most UV stable in its class. The liner is insensitive to moisture allowing for almost immediate drying time, even in high humidity conditions, without the formation of pin holes and blisters. Road To Race liners provide corrosion protection, waterproofing and have sound dampening properties, providing unsurpassed strength, durability and aesthetics.

Applications include:

  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Utility body
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • High performance fit outs
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Nudge bars, side bars, wheel arches, bed liners, hood coating, roof racks, roll cages, underbody protection
  • Industrial flooring
  • Roof waterproofing

Characteristics of polyurea liners:

  • Best chemical resistance
  • Best water resistance
  • Best colour fastness
  • Best tensile strength
  • Best elasticity
  • Best adhesion
  • Best hardness
  • Best wear resistance
  • Best resistance to thermal cycling

Physical properties of polyurea liners:

  • Shore D hardness – 45-50
  • Shore A hardness – 92-95
  • Elongation – 400%
  • Tensile strength – 3,625 psi (compared to typical spray on bed liners at 1900 psi)
  • Tear strength – 75 N/mm (compared to typical spray on bed liners at 26 N/mm)

* All takeoff parts remain the property of Road To Race SA