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Ranger 2.0 Performance Series Coil-Over IFP


Locking, spring preload rings that allow easy ride height and preload adjustment,
retain a top-quality racing coil, selected to deliver the optimal spring rate. Performance Series Coil-Over IFP shocks bolt on with no modi cations and are designed to level your bakkie front-to-rear. Applications are available for stock and lifted trucks that re-use the stock shock.
Inside the internal reservoir with Internal Floating Piston (IFP) mono-tube design separates the shock oil from the high-pressure, nitrogen-charged gas chamber. The IFP eliminates oil aeration allowing maximum performance from the factory-tuned, precision valving. The easy-to-install, 2.0 Performance Series Coil-over IFP provides a comfortable on-road ride and predictable off-road handling in even the toughest conditions.